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M2A members involved in the theme:

P. Combette (Pr), A. Giani (Pr), B. Charlot (CR), G. Kock (Doctoral student)

This research theme has applications in three main areas:

1. Micro-sensors and Thermal Devices

In order to overcome the inertial problems limiting the high performance of so-called "classical" accelerometers, the M2A group has recently developed a thermal accelerometer based on a detailed understanding of the principles of convection. Requiring a complete mastery of the synthesis and integration of materials, this work is currently being extended in three specific directions:

  1. Optimization of response stability over a wide measurement range in order to provide a device that can be used by the navigation class,
  2. Extension of current performance to very high accelerations, i.e. above 10,000 g.
  3. Development of the other inseparable element of the accelerometer, the gyrometer.



3. Functional Nanomaterials  - A. CARRETERO, CR CNRS