The RADIAC research team has over 30 years of experience in the effect of RADIAtions on electronic components. The skills acquired in the fields of materials, physics of insulators and semiconductors, phenomena of matter-radiation interaction, electronics and electronic systems have led us to collaborate with manufacturers and agencies confronted with problem of reliability of electronics. Our expertise applies to the fields of space, large accelerators, avionics, on the ground level and now on the level of nuclear power plant safety and nuclear dismantling.

The core of the RADIAC team's research activity is to understand the basic phenomena that lead to the degradation of electronic materials, components and systems. This activity is carried out in order to offer players in the industrial world a risk assessment and solutions to make their systems more reliable. This work can include the implementation of simulation/prediction tools or experimental methodologies to qualify electronic components and systems for a given mission.


The RADIAC team relies on:

- The scientific complementarity of the researchers of the team,

- Internally developed software tools,

- A unique platform of facilities dedicated to radiative and electromagnetic tests within the laboratory.

- A central position at international level between Universities, Agencies and Industrialists due to our role played in the international scientific community RADECS, the European project RADSAGA ...

- A collaboration of more than 30 years with the largest and most renowned research groups in the field: CNES, CERN, Vanderbilt University (USA), JPL (NASA), DGA, Airbus ...