Les jeudis de l'IES (28-05-2013)

ProfesseurInstitut Non-Linéaire de NiceValbonne

Title: Towards Light Bullets in Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers


Spatio-temporal solitons, also called “light-bullets” (LB) have been actively sought in the last 20 years. Despite the efforts made, only fading spatio-temporal light pulses were experimentally observed in a waveguide array. At INLN we propose an alternative approach to LB based on self-organisation of dissipative systems.

While in waveguides LB existence and stability rely heavily on sensitive balance of non-linearities and on specific characteristics of the seeding pulses, three dimensions localized states of light may exist in dissipative systems as stable solutions (attractors) towards which the system would spontaneously evolve. In order to reach three dimensional localization of light we build on the results achieved on spatial localization (Cavity Solitons Laser) and time localization (Mode-locked Laser). In this presentation I will report on the results we have obtained so far in this project.



Contact : Arnaud Garnache
Mardi 28 mai 2013 à 14h00
Salle de réunions, bât 13, RdC